Friday, April 6, 2018

First aerial photographs of Cincinnati

Here is an interesting discovery in a 1919 Cincinnati high school yearbook: Images of the first aerial photographs of Cincinnati, courtesy of a former student who took them.

East Night High School's yearbook, The Rostrum, included these historic photos because a former student took them - Sgt. Louis Hagemeyer. The staff also included a photo of Hagemeyer and his airplane.

It is stated in the yearbook that these photos were the first aerial photos of Cincinnati, but could this yearbook also be the first publication of the first aerial photos of Cincinnati?

I don't know for certain, but the photos were taken just weeks or months before the yearbook went to print. Possibly the photos were printed in a local newspaper, but I can't locate any other publications with these photos. OCLC locates a set of 15 aerial photos of Cincinnati's downtown area in a 1919 photo album in the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton, County. The album consists of mostly postwar parade photos credited to another photographer in addition to Hagemeyer's unrelated aerial shots.

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